Slow fashioned magazine couldn't have described better what slow fashion is and what fashion has become in the last few years pasted.
Sometimes when people in general argue with us about our "high" prices, about the unevenness of fabric texture or color, about the reuse of items and styles from previous collections, we find very it difficult to explain that we are not Fast-fashion.
Our creation process takes time, it's developed with love and care, and our items are tailored with high quality natural fabrics at legal, secure, and perfectly well functional factories, by fairly paid garment workers that are valued by their unique knowledge of ancient tradition techniques used on every detail of our products.
For this reason, we support the slow fashion movement and want to be part of the Fashion Revolution.
What is the slow fashion movement?
slowfashion process
" One constant thing about fashion is change. Seasonally, trends change the preferred color, silhouette, fabric and more — artificially dictating the obsolescence of a garment. Over the past few decades, fashion trends have been changing at a greater rate due to advances in production technology, shortening the time from concept to store. This speeding up of trends and time from concept to store is referred to by many as “fast-fashion”. Fast-fashion quite often also tends to be of lower quality, intended to only to be worn one season."
Slow Fashion attempts to slow the rate of change down to a more sustainable pace.
When we slow down we realize that we don’t need to buy new trends every 6 weeks as the fast-fashion retailers are pushing them out, we need to step back and reassess what is really important to us. Getting started in the slow fashion movement doesn’t necessarily mean we need to knit our own socks; we simply need to make more conscious shopping decisions."
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santo antonio


Junho é o mês dos Santos Populares com festas e arraiais por todo o país nas noites de Santo António, de São João e de São Pedro. 

As principais são as Festas de Lisboa, de 12 para 13 de junho, dia de Santo António, e as do Porto, na noite de 23 para 24 de junho, quando se celebra o S. João. São festas duma grande animação, em que o povo vem para a rua comer, beber e divertir-se pelas ruas dos bairros populares, engalanadas com arcos, balões coloridos e cheiros de manjerico.




Em Lisboa as marchas populares de cada bairro desfilam pela Av. da Liberdade, enchendo aquela artéria de centenas de figurantes, música, colorido e muito público. Mas a enchente e a animação não são menores nas ruas desses bairros, com destaque para Alfama, mas também para a Graça, Bica, Mouraria ou Madragoa. Nos largos e vielas medievais, come-se caldo verde e sardinha assada, canta-se e baila-se noite dentro. Outro momento alto é a procissão de Santo António, que no dia 13 sai da sua igreja, situada em Alfama, junto à Sé, no local onde este santo nasceu, cerca de 1193.


santo antonio marcas


No Porto, a festa é idêntica em cor e alegria ao longo dos bairros mais tradicionais, como Miragaia, Fontainhas, Ribeira, Massarelos e outros. Mas o Porto tem ainda outros usos e costumes: se antigamente os foliões batiam com alho-porro na cabeça dos companheiros, hoje usam martelinhos de plástico com o mesmo fim; por outro lado, além do feérico fogo-de-artifício que é lançado à meia-noite em pleno rio Douro, no Porto também se lançam coloridos balões de ar quente, numa das mais bonitas celebrações destes festejos populares. A noite acaba para muitos junto à praia, para ver nascer o sol ou para um banho matinal, como manda a tradição.




A 29 de junho comemora-se ainda o São Pedro, também com festas populares em várias localidades do país, como Sintra ou Évora, ambas na lista do Património Mundial.




June is the month of the Popular Saints with parties and festivities throughout Portugal celebrating St Antonio, St. John and St. Peter.


The main festivities are in Lisbon, from 12 to 13 June, Saint Anthony's day, and in oPorto, on the night of 23 to 24 June, when it celebrates St. John. These are celebrations of great animation, in which the people come to the streets of their neighborhoods bedecked with bows, colorful balloons and basil smells, to eat, drink and have fun.


In Lisbon the popular marches of each neighborhood parade through the Av. Da Liberdade, filling that artery with hundreds of people, music, color. But the flood and the animation are not smaller in the streets of these neighborhoods, especially Alfama, Graça, Bica, Mouraria and Madragoa. In the wide and medieval alleys, you can eat green broth and grilled sardines, sing and dance all night long. 


In OPorto, the party is identical in color and joy over the most traditional neighborhoods like Miragaia, Fontainhas, Ribeira, Massarelos and others. But OPorto also has other traditions. In the past people used to beat with leek in the head of their companions, today they use plastic hammers with the same purpose; on the other hand, beyond the fiery fire firework launched at midnight in the middle of the river Douro, people also launch colorful hot air balloons, one of the most beautiful celebrations of these popular festivities. The night ends for many along the beach to see the sun rise or for a morning bath, as tradition dictates.


On June 29th people still celebrate São Pedro, also with popular festivals in various parts of the country, such as Sintra or Evora, both on the World Heritage list.

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20 Abr

Very special guests at our showroom

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This week we had the pleasure to have one of the most talented people in the fashion/design journalism world in our showroom

 Desiree Sadek, Elle Oriental's Editor -in-chef, and the amazing photographer Guillaume de Laubie.


 IMG 2453              IMG 2456


It was a cloudy day, which for this time of the year in Portugal is odd, but Guillaume didn't seem to care. His amazing hability to manage the camera and to capture light in several ways is breathtaking. He quietly moves around the showroom along with his camera and tripe, slowly moving things around according with what his eyes and sense of style tell him. We anxiously wait to see the result of this delicate and perfectionist work.


Desiree, on the other hand, brings all the excitement in. The day turns bright as soon as she starts talking about her amazing journey. Her humble, unpretentious, gentle personality hides an incredible life story in which, besides all the glamour her profession is linked to, she witnesses first hand some of the world's most serious problems: war and women's rights.


We sit and listen.


IMG 2451



As she turned 18 years old, the war started in Lebanon - her home country. Desiree was forced to leave to France - Paris, were she later graduated in Journalism, following her wish to be a writer. After suffering a life-threatening accident that almost left her paralyzed, she began working at Elle Decor Group as an intern.  Few years gone by but she didn’t feel happy with what she was doing. Her love for design made her return to Lebanon and create Byzance Magazine, her dearest project.


After Byzance success she was contacted again to work at Elle Decor and to sell Byzance Maagazine to the group. She accepted the first proposition and declined the last. But from this second rejoin with the group, Elle Oriental was born. 

"I have to be in touch with everything that relates to the Orient. I want to emphasize that Elle is sensible but also intelligent. "


Today, she no longer publishes Byzance, but she has written several books such as "Inside Haute Couture" and works preferentially with Guillaume to bring the East and the West together in Peace through beauty and design. 




Book-of-the-Week       IMG 2455


IMG 2450     IMG 2454



In 2014, Business of Fashion, named her one of the most 500 influential fashion personalities in the world.


We are immensely proud to have been chosen to have a piece in Elle Oriental. We loved that you returned since we have first met a few years ago for a piece for Byzance.


You're both more than welcome!



Keep in touch...





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24 Mar

William Morris

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09 Mar


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08 Mar

Happy Women's Day!

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TMCollection is proud to be an all-female company.

Each one of them with a different role in life and at work.

Today, we are celebrating all Women. 


Happy Women's Day!


international women's day

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03 Mar


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03 Fev

Our Team!

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Michele Santos 



Age:  31 years


Sign:  Sagittarius


Important facts:  Married , graduated in Business Administration and in love with my profession!


Philosofy:  Administration is the basis of everything ! What would the clinics, pharmacies , hospitals, gyms and shops be without good management practices ?


About my role in TM :  I am an Administrative Assistant and I value teamwork, initiative , creativity and innovation . These are key features to develop  a good work.


Blog Michele

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