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"The way we dress is an extension of ourselves, a reflection of who we are and the way we live..."



Timeless woman's clothing in noble natural fabrics embellished with exclusive prints, textures and embroideries.

Colourfull boldness within free-floating silhouettes.



Collections are entirely developed by our design team under Teresa Martins creative direction.

We create timeless garments and home collections which are a form of art and expression of a unique style. The way we dress ourselves and our "home" expresses who we are and the way we see the world, our main source of inspiration.

We believe designing is about pure and intense emotions. It's about feeling.

Garments made with integraty instantly have more longevity and become highly desirable and imbued with emotion.

Understanding all the process behind each piece will lead to the uncover of the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The use of natural materials, traditional craftsmanship and te pursuit for excellence and cultural variety are standard values that guide our work and should guide the work of all modern designers.



Our collections are created to stylish, sophisticated, confident women that appreciate uniqueness over fast fashion. 

We design two seasonal womenswear and home decor collections each year.

The collections are showcased in several international trade shows, such as White in Milan, Tranoi in Paris and New York, Maison & Objet and Who's Next in Paris, Scoop in London and at our agent's showrooms in London, Rome, Milan, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

Since it's launch, TMcollection has grown to be present in over 110 retailers in 37 countries. 

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