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TMcollection is looking to enlarge its distribution capacity. We welcome Agents, Sellers and Promoters.


We work with Agents on a country or regional basis. Agents must have market knowledge, showroom facilities, and distribution capacity over the retail network.

We are open to enlarge our Agent geographical coverage, today restricted to a few countries in Europe.


We classify as Seller any individual with capacity to sell to retail shops in a specific country / region, working as an independent. In countries / regions where we do not have an Agent we will consider contracting experienced Sellers.


Promoters are individuals willing to do / promote sales to final clients, not to retail shops. Sales will be done on their group of acquaintances, contacts or any local capacity of their own.


We are a growing project. If you like fashion or home interiors, are an experienced seller in this area, have excellent capacities on internet selling / social networks, send us and email and your CV and will look into it. Visit or contact us for more information.

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